Minimizing Bundle Size

We should make the compiled files as small as possible to improve user experience.

Tree Shaking

Tree Shaking is a method of optimizing the volume by removing unused code in the final file. The components must be imported via ES modules.

import { Button, Input } from 'rsuite';

Then configure it in the packaging build tool:

⚠️ If your development environment does not support Tree Shaking, you can also use the following methods to minimize the packaged file size.

Use path import

Path import is to import only the files that are used when writing the code, so as to avoid importing unused modules. For example:

- import { Button } from 'rsuite';
+ import Button from 'rsuite/Button';

Import button style file:

import Button from 'rsuite/Button';
+ import 'rsuite/Button/styles/index.less';

Disabled HTML styles reset

We reset some HTML styles in rsuite by default.But you may not need these styles when you use modularized. So you should disable import it . This is the example config for less-loader :

    test: /\.less$/,
    loader: 'less-loader',
    options: {
        // If you are using less-loader@5 or older version, please spread the lessOptions to options directly.
        lessOptions: {
          javascriptEnabled: true,
          modifyVars: { '@enable-css-reset': false }
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