Extension Components

In the product development process, components that meet the specified business scenarios, such as Charts, Frame, are often required. These components are not included in the rsuite library, but we extend them on the React Suite UI and can be used as needed.

Name NPM Document Description
@rsuite/charts npm document A set of charts based on rsuite and echarts.
@rsuite/schema-form npm document Form generation and validation based on schema-typed and rsuite.
@rsuite/responsive-nav npm document A responsive navigation component.
@rsuite/react-frame npm document Management system layout framework based on rsuite UI.
@rsuite/multi-date-picker npm document A date picker that can select multiple dates.
@rsuite/document-nav npm document Document navigation is automatically generated based on the HTML title (h1-h6) tag.
@rsuite/timezone-picker npm document Time zone selector based on rsuite UI.
rsuite-color-picker npm document Package a color picker extension that can select color for rsuite. @cXiaof
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