The Accordion component is used to expand and collapse the content area by clicking the title. It is often used to display a large amount of content in a limited space.


import { Accordion } from 'rsuite';



By default, multiple panels can be expanded. Click the title to expand or collapse the accordion panel area.


Expand only one panel

When defaultActiveKey or activeKey is set, only one panel can be expanded.


activeKey can be controlled by onSelect callback.

Custom Indicator

Custom Header

Disabled Panel


ARIA properties

  • aria-expanded: Indicates whether the panel is expanded or collapsed.
  • aria-controls: Identifies the content that is controlled by the panel.
  • aria-labelledby: Identifies the element that serves as the title for the panel.
  • aria-disabled: Indicates that the panel is disabled.

Keyboard interactions

  • Tab: Move focus to the next focusable panel.
  • Enter or Space: Expand or collapse the panel.




Property Type (Default) Description
activeKey string The active item's event key.
bordered boolean Show border.
classPrefix string The prefix of the component CSS class.
defaultActiveKey string The default active item's event key.
onSelect (eventKey: string, event) => void Callback fired when the active item changes.


Property Type (Default) Description
bodyFill boolean Content area filled with containers.
caretAs ReactNode Custom indicator.
classPrefix string ('panel') The prefix of the component CSS class.
defaultExpanded boolean Expand the panel by default.
disabled boolean Disable the panel.
eventKey string The event key corresponding to the panel.
expanded boolean Expand the panel.
header ReactNode The title of the panel.
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