Paging navigation, used to assist long lists to load only part of the data, you can quickly switch to the specified data page.


import { Pagination } from 'rsuite';






The layout prop can customize the layout of a paging component. It receives an array parameter and renders according to the order of the values in the array. The default value of layout is ['pager'], and the optional values include: total (total entry input area), pager (page area), limit (entry option area), skip (quick jump page area), - (area placeholder, fill up the remaining space) , | (vertical separator).



Property Type (Default) Description
activePage * number (1) Current page number
boundaryLinks boolean Show border paging buttons 1 and pages
classPrefix string ('pagination-group') The prefix of the component CSS class
disabled boolean | (eventKey: number) => boolean Disabled component
ellipsis boolean Displays the ellipsis
first boolean Displays the first page
last boolean Displays the last page
layout LayoutType[] (['pager']) Customize the layout of a paging component
limit number (30) The number of rows per page.Will use total and limit to calculate the number of pages
limitOptions number[] ([30,50,100]) Customizes the options of the rows per page select field.
linkAs ElementType (button) Customizes the element type for the component
linkProps object Additional props passed as-is to the underlying link for non-active items
locale PaginationLocale Locale text
maxButtons number Page buttons display the maximum number of
next boolean Displays the next page
onChangeLimit (limit:number) => void; Callback fired when the number of rows per page is changed
onChangePage (page:number) => void; Callback fired when the page is changed
prev boolean Displays the previous page
total * number The total number of rows. Generally obtained through the server


type LayoutType = 'total' | '-' | 'pager' | '|' | 'limit' | 'skip';
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