The DateInput component lets users select a date with the keyboard.


import { DateInput } from 'rsuite';



Customize the date format

Disabled and read only

Controlled vs. uncontrolled value


ARIA properties

  • The DateInput component is the <input type="text"> element.
  • When the DateInput component is disabled, the disabled property is added to the <input> element.
  • When the DateInput component is read only, the readonly property is added to the <input> element.

Keyboard interactions

  • Use keyboard to navigate to the previous or next date segment.
  • Use keys to increase and decrease values.
  • Use Backspace key to delete selected value.
  • Use numeric key to update selected value.



Property Type(default) Description
defaultValue Date Default value
disabled boolean Whether disabled the component
format string ('yyyy-MM-dd') Format of the date when rendered in the input
onChange (date: Date, event) => void Callback fired when value changed
plaintext boolean Whether plaintext the component
readOnly boolean Whether read only the component
size 'lg'〡'md'〡'sm'〡'xs' ('md') Date input can have different sizes
value Date The selected value. Used when the component is controlled
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