<CheckTree> is used to display a tree structure data and supports Checkbox selection.


import { CheckTree } from 'rsuite';




The cascade attribute can set whether or not CheckTree can consider the cascade relationship of the parent parent when selecting. The default value is true.

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Custom options




Property Type (Default) Description
cascade boolean (true) Whether cascade select
childKey string ('children') Set childrenKey key in data
data * ItemDataType[] Tree data
defaultExpandAll boolean Expand all tree node
defaultExpandItemValues any [] Set the value of the default expanded node
defaultValue string[] Default values of the selected tree node
disabledItemValues string[] Values of disabled tree node
expandItemValues any [] Set the value of the expanded node (controlled)
getChildren (item: ItemDataType) => Promise<ItemDataType> load node children data asynchronously
height number (360px) height of menu. When virtualize is true, you can set the height of menu
labelKey string ('label') Set label key in data
listProps ListProps Properties of virtualized lists.
onChange (values:string[]) => void Callback fired when value change
onExpand (expandItemValues: any [], item: ItemDataType, concat:(data, children) => Array) => void callback fired when tree node expand state changed
onSelect (item: ItemDataType, value:any, event) => void Callback fired when tree node is selected
renderTreeIcon (item: ItemDataType) => ReactNode Custom render the icon in tree node
renderTreeNode (item: ItemDataType) => ReactNode Custom render tree node
searchKeyword string searchKeyword (Controlled)
uncheckableItemValues string[] Set the option value for the check box not to be rendered
value string[] Specifies the values of the selected tree node (Controlled)
valueKey string ('value') Set value key in data
virtualized boolean Whether using Virtualized List


interface ItemDataType<V> {
  /** The value of the option corresponds to the `valueKey` in the data. **/
  value: V;

  /** The content displayed by the option corresponds to the `labelKey` in the data. **/
  label: ReactNode;

   * The data of the child option corresponds to the `childrenKey` in the data.
   * Properties owned by tree structure components, such as TreePicker, Cascader.
  children?: ItemDataType<V>[];

   * Properties of grouping functional components, such as CheckPicker, InputPicker
  groupBy?: string;

   * The children under the current node are loading.
   * Used for components that have cascading relationships and lazy loading of children. E.g. Cascader, MultiCascader
  loading?: boolean;


interface ListProps {
   * Size of a item in the direction being windowed.
  itemSize?: number | ((index: number) => number);

   * Scroll offset for initial render.
  initialScrollOffset?: number;

   * Called when the items rendered by the list change.
  onItemsRendered?: (props: ListOnItemsRenderedProps) => void;

   * Called when the list scroll positions changes, as a result of user scrolling or scroll-to method calls.
  onScroll?: (props: ListOnScrollProps) => void;
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