A component that displays data by calendar


import { Calendar } from 'rsuite';



Custom cell styles

Use cellClassName function to specify the custom class name added to each cell. For example, in the following code, we specify that the .bg-gray class name is added on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so that the background color of the cells in these three columns is gray.




Property Type(Default) Description
bordered boolean Show border
cellClassName (date: Date) => string | undefined Custom cell classes base on it's date
compact boolean Display a compact calendar
defaultValue Date Default value
isoWeek boolean ISO 8601 standard, each calendar week begins on Monday and Sunday on the seventh day
locale CalendarLocaleType Locale text
onChange (date:Date) => void Callback fired before the value changed
onSelect (date:Date) => void Callback fired before the date selected
renderCell (date: Date) => ReactNode Custom render calendar cells
value Date Controlled value
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