useMediaQuery 🧪

Use useMediaQuery to easily retrieve media dimensions, combined with the component's size property for responsive UI.

⚠️ This API is still in the experimental stage and may be subject to change.


import { useMediaQuery } from 'rsuite';


Use with RadioTile

The RadioTileGroup component has an inline prop that displays each RadioTile on the same line. We can combine useMediaQuery to create a responsive RadioTile component. On large screens, the RadioTile component displays on the same line, while on small screens, the RadioTile component displays on different lines.

Use with Modal

The Modal component has a size prop that sets the size of the modal. We can use useMediaQuery to make the Modal component responsive. On large screens, the size of the Modal component is fixed, while on small screens, the Modal component is full-screen.



type Query =  'xs' | 'sm' | 'md' | 'lg' | 'xl' | 'xxl' | string

useMediaQuery(query: Query | Query[]) => boolean[]
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