The DateRangeInput components let the user select a date range with the keyboard.


import { DateRangeInput } from 'rsuite';



Customize the date format

Disabled and read only

Controlled vs. uncontrolled value


ARIA properties

  • The DateRangeInput component is the <input type="text"> element.
  • When the DateRangeInput component is disabled, the disabled property is added to the <input> element.
  • When the DateRangeInput component is read only, the readonly property is added to the <input> element.

Keyboard interactions

  • Use keyboard to navigate to the previous or next date segment.
  • Use keys to increase and decrease values.
  • Use Backspace key to delete selected value.
  • Use numeric key to update selected value.



Property Type(default) Description
character string (' ~ ') The character between the start and end dates
defaultValue [Date, Date]〡 null Default value
disabled boolean Whether disabled the component
format string ('yyyy-MM-dd') Format of the date when rendered in the input
onChange (date: [Date, Date]〡 null , event) => void Callback fired when value changed
plaintext boolean Whether plaintext the component
readOnly boolean Whether read only the component
size 'lg'〡'md'〡'sm'〡'xs' ('md') Date input can have different sizes
value [Date, Date]〡 null The selected value. Used when the component is controlled
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